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In the classical elegance of St. John's Church Buxton, on the evening of St. George's Day, two powerful musical forces combined to delight and exhilarate their audience with an existential experience of choral singing. The forces in question were our own Tideswell...

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We all know that singing is a wonderful, enjoyable way to spend a few hours – especially if you’re singing music that you truly love. But did you know that singing in a choir can actually have a significantly positive impact on your overall health and wellbeing? We...

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New Members Always Welcome

Rehearsals are held on Tuesday evenings from 7.30pm upstairs in the Old Grammar School, Tideswell, behind the Cathedral of the Peak St John’s Church. Newcomers welcome!

Next Event

April 21st Buxton Methodist Church – Concert with Knutsford Ladies Choir


Getting the Christmas Season off to a great start at Brierlow Bar bookstore.

For more images and videos visit our Choir Live page

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